The SPINNARIUM is a play that its style and atmosphere is based on our Gypsy traditions, legends and stories and it connects us back to our ancestors.

Spinnarion antique

The main element is a mechanical fortune-telling wheel that has 36 Lenormand fortune-telling cards installed around the disk. People from the audience are invited to put up a question and spin the wheel. Then we explain the potential meaning and message of the three appointed cards.
This is a game, balancing between being serious and playful. The fortune-telling cards are providing guidelines and can highlight the already known because nobody else can really tell and see the future and understand the telling only the person her/himself to whom the telling is addressed for.

This is a continuous play that can run multiple times through a day, each session can be as long as 60- 90 minutes.

We already have foreseen that you are going to love this and you want to book us into your event…♥

Header image: Nat Mendham

photo: Nat Mendham
photo: Roaming Trees